Wifes boobs

wifes boobs

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Our forum has over 9 million photos, videos and. I have another story of her and Mike soon.. Well, seeing my wife must have shed her inhibitions as well, as she immediately ripped her shirt off as well and started trying on other tops in front of us. Her nipples were instantly hard, and she was enjoying all of us staring at her chest. Sandy asked me, "would it bother you if Bob saw my tits? As a funny side note, we were all about 19, Sandy was still living at home and had the occasion to undress in front of her mother, who was very curious why she didn't have any tan lines. I think between the drinks, the fact that we were away, and we were going to a concert, lifted her inhibitions a bit. Find all posts by stevezr1. JavaScript is required for this website. Jimmy stopped over one morning uexpectedly. This happened about 2 years after we got married,we had a barbetercue with Mike who was a teenager,after we ate we had a few beers,then my wife and I had a water fight,Jean had on a white gauze top,well she got drenched and her top was transparent,Mikes eyes were popping out,then Jean went in the house to change,I said to mike follow me,we went to the side bedroom window and Jean was right infront of us,off came the shirt,free puppies for both of us to see,I thought that was so hot for Mike to see her boobs about 5 feet away 34B's then facing us off came her shorts and got to see the pussy,I swear I got a woody knowing mike seen her totally naked.. Julie and Sandy started making comments about it wasn't fair that we could take our shirts off, Bob and I said we had no problem if they wanted to take their shirts off, or we could go to a videos amateur sexo, something they said they didn't want to do. BB code is Upskirt dildo. I can still see the look on Jimmy's face shemales stockholm Dollie just stood there topless within a few feet of my best friend. Send a big butt tranny message to whatnow3. Find all posts by HedoRocks.

Wifes boobs Video

Too Big To Breastfeed We had known this other couple for a while, and they were good friends of ours. Knowing the other couple was also watching her was an amazing experience. Find all posts by ModelT-MsDollie. First Time ever a friend seen your wifes Boobs. Send a private message to stevezr1. Send a private message to outbog1. We then headed back to the room to shower and get ready for the show that evening. wifes boobs

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